A Broadband Near-IR Detector Based on a Large-Area InGaAs Photodiode for Time-Resolved Detection of Singlet Oxygen

A broadband near-IR photodetector based on a large-area G12180-250A InGaAs photodiode (Hamamatsu) with a 5-mm-diameter photosensitive area was developed and tested. It is designed for detecting the IR luminescence of singlet oxygen. A circuit for signal amplification is assembled on the basis of broadband low-noise operational amplifiers with the subsequent filtering of a signal with an adjustable passband ff varied from 15 to 600 kHz, thus allowing one to obtain a time resolution of better than 1 μ\mus, a sensitivity level of 107-109 V/W, and a noise equivalent power NEP [W/Hz1/2] ≈ 1.4 x 10-14 λ\lambda-1[μ\mum] ff[kHz] in a frequency band of 15-600 kHz.

Goldort, V. G. and Demyanenko, A. V. and Bogomolov, A. S. and Kochubei, S. A. and Pyryaeva, A. P. and Baklanov, A. V.

Instruments and Experimental Techniques 2019, 62, 2