Quantum dynamics of Rb atoms desorbing off the surface of He nanodroplets

The desorption of excited rubidium atoms off the surface of helium nanodroplets is studied in detail using femtosecond time-resolved photoion and photoelectron imaging spectroscopy in combination with quantum wave-packet simulations. The good agreement of the measured time-dependent velocity distributions with the simulation when exciting the Rb dopant atoms into the 6p state supports the pseudodiatomic model for the Rb-He droplet interaction, even on the level of quantum wave-packet dynamics. Time-resolved photoelectron spectra reveal the partitioning of excitation energy into the dopant and the droplet degrees of freedom.

Dozmorov, N. V. and Baklanov, A. V. and von Vangerow, J. and Stienkemeier, F. and Fordyce, J. A. M. and Mudrich, M.

Physical Review A 2018, 98, 4