Oxygen-assisted enhancement of H atom UV-photogeneration from hydrocarbons in van der Waals complexes RH–O2

The strong enhancement of H-atom UV-photogeneration is revealed in van der Waals complexes of unsaturated hydrocarbons RH (RH=ethylene C2H4, propylene C3H6, butadiene C4H6, butene–2 C4H8) with oxygen RH–O2 as compared with the ‘free’ RH molecules. The results obtained indicate enhancement of H atom yield to be due to one-quantum photoprocess 1RH–3O2 + hν → 3RH  + 3O2(1O2) providing triplet RH molecules with excitation level sufficient for dissociation.

Alexey V. Baklanov and Alexandr S. Bogomolov and Leonid M. Chikishev and Georgii A. Bogdanchikov and Sergei A. Kochubei

Chemical Physics Letters 2013, 558